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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Santa Ana

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Santa Ana

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Clinic

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a person fails to keep an erection firm to have intercourse. Occasional erectile dysfunction is common but frequent ED can be a sign of health problem. And if you experience this regularly, then the best is to visit an erectile dysfunction treatment clinic or look to get ED treatment online. There can be several causes of the condition like anxiety, depression, stress, obesity, age, drug abuse, sleeping disorders, and lack of exercising.

The Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you having trouble getting an erection when desired? Not getting the erection as hard as it used to be last year? Does the erection not last long enough to have successful intercourse?
If your answer to any of these questions is YES, you may have Erectile Dysfunction. But, don’t worry! You are not alone! Approximately 50% of men over 40 have some degree of ED, and it is treatable.

  1. Steady Care Medical is a top-rated erectile dysfunction treatment clinic in California operating for more than 15 years.
  2. We are committed to helping men recover their sexual self-confidence by providing them with individualized care.
  3. And with erectile dysfunction treatment online, you can get a consultation from the comforts of your home. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence is a condition where a person is unable to get or keep the erection while doing intercourse. This is very common and is often due to stress and anxiety but if it starts happening regularly then the best is to reach out to a professional medical practitioner.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of different factors. It can be caused by an imbalance of emotions, improper mental health or due to different health issues altogether. But regardless of the reason, the end result is dysfunction in having a firm and erect phallus.

Additionally, you may also experience the following aspects that further help identify erectile dysfunction.

  • Low libido.
  • Trouble in getting aroused.
  • Inability in getting an erection.
  • Inability in maintaining an erection.
  • In more severe cases, you may also experience premature or delayed ejaculation and be unable to achieve an orgasm despite enough stimulation.

Where the whole world has shifted on the tips of your fingers, getting a consultation with a doctor has also become very convenient. We have developed a portal where you can sit in the comforts of your home and get a consultation from the best doctors online. The process is also really simple and all you have to do is fill a simple form online. Then, our doctor contacts you via video call and evaluates your condition. It is similar to the face-to-face consultation that you might have if you visit our physical clinic. So, if you feel difficulty in visiting our physical clinic, our doctors are here for you. Get the best treatment for erectile dysfunction online without any hassles.

An individual suffering from ED experiences lack of blood flow to his penis, thus resulting in failure to achieve the full erection. Yes, with age the ability to get an erection and withstand it decreases but there are a variety of other reasons why erectile dysfunction may occur.
The main causes of erectile dysfunction are as follows:

  • Overweight: One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is being obese.
  • Use of Tobacco: Tobacco restricts the blood flow into veins and arteries. And over time, it may lead to various health conditions including erectile dysfunction.
  • Injury: An injury may result in damage to an artery or vein which is responsible for erections.
  • Medications: Certain medications may also lead to Erectile dysfunction like anti-depressants, high blood pressure medications, antihistamines, etc.
  • Psychological Conditions: Conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression also leads to ED.

Erectile dysfunction is generally a sign of an underlying health issue. Getting it checked by a medical professional will help you identify the cause and treat it in addition to curing the dysfunction. However, for whatever reason, leaving this issue unheeded is not the right option.

Erectile dysfunction may not seem like a serious issue for many but it can turn out to be one if left untreated. Besides increasing the severeness of the underlying cause, ED can also contribute to worse cases of low self-esteem and higher stress and anxiety. Additionally, it negatively affects your sexual life and relationships and in the worst case, leaves you impotent.

So, it’s crucial to get it checked by doctors. If you are not comfortable visiting a clinic, get online consultations from Steady Care Medical and begin your treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you think. More than 90 percent of men suffer or will suffer from ED at some point in life. Additionally, it is not a permanent case. More often than not, ED is a result of some personal problem or external environment. You should be careful about your day-to-day happenings to identify whether your ED is an inherent issue or a temporary problem caused by a particular life event.

But, if your ED is recurring or permanent, it’s time to visit a doctor.

There is no shortcut to dealing with erectile dysfunction. The cause can be different for different men. Dealing with the dysfunction requires dealing with the underlying problem. In addition to identifying the cause and treating it, you also need to work on your routine like lifestyle, physical activity, sleep cycle etc. These are just contributing factors that will work together to improve your ED.

So, if you wish to get rid of your erectile dysfunction for good, get a consultation from our professional doctors to get a personalized treatment plan and stick to it for the fastest recovery.

Yes, there are several home remedies for erectile dysfunction. Here are a few:

  • Viagra
  • Acupuncture
  • Ginseng
  • Regular physical activity.
  • Healthy diet
  • 6-7 hours of sleep.
  • Avoiding smoking and reducing alcohol intake.

While these are more of a lifestyle change, you can start these little additions and subtraction in your routine to begin your treatment at home. But remember, you must not replace home remedies for professional treatment at any cost, especially when you have a consistent case of ED.

Finding Relief with Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

In order to get the best treatment for erectile dysfunction, there are some lifestyle changes that you need to make. Many people don’t reach to anybody because of embarrassment but that should not be the case rather if you feel you are suffering from ED it is best to look for the best male erectile dysfunction treatment. 

Professional Help: Seek a medical professional when you experience erectile dysfunction regularly. 

-Check-Ups: It is important to get constant check-ups and medical screening tests to manage the condition more effectively. 

-Prevention: It is better to stop doing things that might cause ED like smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs. 

-Exercise: It is proven that exercise helps a person suffering from erectile dysfunction. So, exercise regularly. 

-Mental Health: Try and manage your mental health because most of the time ED is due to anxiety, depression, and stress. 

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