How Can You Avoid Getting Down With The “V-Day Stressors”?

For many “13th” might be unlucky in one way or other. But, if you ask heart-broken or singles, 14th will be probably the unlucky day of the month for a range of reasons.

Valentine’s day is around the corner and for many people, it will be a time of reminder of loneliness or loveless life altogether. It’s like tapping on the most painful nerve. Most mental health professionals say that the valentine week often results in unhappy couples more than any times of the year.

But, if you think the depression arises solely because of the fact that V-day is near, it isn’t true at all. Most of the cases that flare up during this period are mostly the people who have ongoing emotional disorders.

So, if you want to avoid the sadness that comes along with this day, following the tips mentioned below will help you not only for going through this day, but also in the long run.

Plan a trip with your friends

Plan a trip with your friends

Why be sad, when you can make memories with other important connections that mean in your life.

So, don’t wait! Pick up your phone, and call your friends and plan an incredible trip now.

Practice the Best Medicine- Laughter

Practice the Best Medicine- Laughter

It is well-known fact that “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughing alone can help relieving stress by enhancing your intake of oxygen-rich air. Hence, releasing endorphins by the brain which ultimately gives the feeling of happiness.

Also, it helps to relieve muscles significantly.

Increase Your Physical Activity

Increase Your Physical Activity

Exercising such as brisk walking, or a simple jogging a day will help to combat depression, along with relieving other symptoms associated with the mood disorders.

Plan A Date With Your Pet

Plan A Date With Your Pet

Well, who can deny that pets are incredibly cute. And planning a date with them can turn your stress into an amazing memory which you can hold for lifetime. Mental health professionals also recommend emotional support animals as a companion and stress buster.

They will help by being a playmate and a date at the same time for you to relax and avoid getting emotional for not having any date at all.

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You can also arrange a date at an animal shelter and shower all your love there. It will help with the feeling of self-importance as well.

Self-love Can be Love Helpful

Self-love Can be Love Helpful


A simple bubble bath with an aroma of scented candles can turn your V-day into a blissful evening.

While some go into undercover because of the feelings of being left alone, others have to undergo those first-date jitters.

  • Will he/she like me?
  • Am I too overdressed?
  • What will he/she think about me?
  • Should I make the first move?
  • Will I be alone if it does not work out?

Some of the thoughts that go through people’s mind can actually make them crazy. So, to avoid getting that inappropriate panic attacks on your first dates. Here are some tips that can help.

  • Deep Breathing- This can actually help to manage blood pressure which is the bottom-line for many cases of anxiety attacks. Reason being, it calms the CNS significantly.
  • The Idea of Enjoying Every Moment- When you distract your mind to the areas of fun, it will automatically relax and turn your anxieties into a fun-filled experience on the whole.
  • Just Hang in There- Being there in the moment is what will help you cope with any type of anxiety. Just be focused.
  • Get Enough Sleep- Usually, many people don’t sleep at all before their first dates because of a range of emotions going in their head at the same time.

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The bottom line is, don’t fall in the trap of being in love with just anybody, to make you feel happy on the coming Valentine’s. It will not be helpful in any way. Instead, shower love on yourself or be a companion to a lovely pet which can help you to relieve all the stress.

Be honest with your feelings and start enjoying every moment in your life.

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